LeBoAl Caves & Distilleries specializes in trading and winemaking full range of products: from grape juice, concentrate, table and local wines, wine distillates, brandy, cognac AOC and vodka.
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Our quality policy guarantees hard-and-fast completion of production programs as to the quality and security of products according to ISO 9001 standard, environmental action enforcement, implementation and completion of safety norms on all stages of production, along with the sanitary control.

Through our Quality Policy we guarantee:
– The quality and the follow-up of the industrial and food safety programs for each product (HACCP* methods + ISO 9001 under processing).
– The control of processes regarding the environment.
– The application of safety rules at each level of production.
– Preventive sanitary controls.

In the labs and the Tasting Room, highly trained technicians perform sensory analysis of samples taken at all production steps, checking quality standards towards our customers’ expectations. We select the best blends and control each quality of finished products.

As part of our way to enhance quality, we work with modern internal labs. Highly qualified personnel make daily analysis to meet all applicable hygiene, quality and environmental standards.

Chromatographs, digital density meters, refractometers, PH-meters, spectrophotometers, micro-distillation and other devices guarantee the control of the production and the wastes recycling.