LeBoAl Caves & Distilleries specializes in trading and winemaking full range of products: from grape juice, concentrate, table and local wines, wine distillates, brandy, cognac AOC and vodka.
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Need guidance for your project of wine or spirit creation? LeBoAl Caves & Distilleries is your partner to lead you.
We work with specific marketing agencies and bottling companies to suggest solutions fitting your requirements.

Consumption trends and the choice of several partners make the creation and the promotion of new drinks difficult.

That is why we stay informed on market trends and novelties and we keep strong relationship with our partners in order to bring you whole process to lead your bottling project.


Exporting our products to different countries of the world, we are aiming at optimization of logistical tasks. The advantageous geographic location allows our company to make dispatches using different kinds of transport. Thus, we also take into account volume of products together with the sanitary requirements as to the delivery and storage.

Our company makes dispatches engaging international surveying and sanitary services, which provide independent control on the amount, quality and safety of the shipping goods.

Such professionalism in logistics enables LeBoAl Caves & Distilleries to serve clients throughout Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia, South Africa, North America and other countries around the world.